He made it snow in summer!

Edward Snowden deserves a spot on this website. After all, this is about mad individuals  leaving their mark on the world. Individuals who dear to stick their neck out. This certainly is the case for, the by now very famous, Edward Snowden. This hero couldn’t take it anymore and decided to show the world some unacceptable activity done by the US.

As we all know by now, the world was shaking for a while. Everyone is upset and the US is preparing a official statement about the subject, to ensure their allies (and enemies) that this is all a big misunderstanding.

At this very moment of this writing, Snowden sits around somewhere in the Moskou Airport becoming another Tom Hanks case, like in the movie The Terminal (great one by the way). The only difference now, is that in our case the whole world is watching. First we learn that the US is tapping us all. Not Americans on their own soil (because that’s agains their law), but basically, including their closed allies, the rest of the world.  It’s no longer only about the ‘enemies of the free world’ but also about you and me and our little home Apple.

The whole world is raging about it and obviously, the US is a little annoyed by him. They would love to get their hands on him to make him stop leaking.

Who will let him in?

There is a lot of pressure on Snowden. It’s good that he put his face out there. At least he is safe for the moment. The question is, will a government stand up and be grateful what he did. The people all over the world most definitely are. But who will take care of him?

Here in Europe, nobody wants to make the US angry. Ecuador I believe is still (or back) in the picture. Putin is also politically pulling back. I wonder who will be brave enough to let him in and protect the guy who was brave enough to stand up. Will be remain on his own?

Impact of his deeds

We don’t know yet what the total impact of Snowden will be. If it escalades and it backfires America, it could mean a global power shift. Already its getting pretty sensitive here and there. If the dollar ends up falling (not much for that needed), America as economical leader is out of the picture, ready to be replaced by China, Japan or Europe (if we ever get our EU government in order). Unless, they decide to become military leaders. Than we have a problem.



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