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Launched a new app “Article Guru” to help you learn the articles to German Nouns

Together with a buddy we just launched a small app called Article Guru. I had the idea for a while, but now, sitting at home a bit more, we made it happen. Here’s the website (made by me in WordPress)

The concept is to help you memorize the genders of German nouns. Unlike in English, the German Nouns can be feminine, masculine, or neuter.

Screenshot of the app

Version 1.0 is now accepted by Apple, which is for us the starting sign to start learning. The first round will be mainly qualitative feedback from people we know. I also love to watch over the shoulders.

In version 1.1 we will have to add some actually measuring tool — probably it will be Mixpanel(Looking back, it is clear that we should have added that to version 1.0 because we have no benchmark)

Once Mixpanel installed, we can do some really cool experimenting and try to improve on our key metrics. Of course, the obvious one is the number of sales (in-app purchases), but getting there is a more subtle route. Such as improving on “how much answers do people give in their first session”, and “how many people finish the first level”.

Ideas we’re having are amongst:

  1. Accuracy rate (show how well you are doing)
  2. Winning streak
  3. Animations & sounds
  4. Good introduction/onboarding
  5. High-scores
  6. Trending words (Such as currently “Virus” etc.)
  7. Add your own words for training
  8. Better grammar tips during play
  9. Additional grammar exercises

Of course, we have have not the ambition to enter the field of DuoLingo or comparable giants like that. The strength is simplicity and focus. WE promise to do 1 thing, and we want to do it really really well. Better than anyone else.

The logo, by the way, I commissioned to an artist via Fiverr for in total 50 bucks or so. I made some tiny adjustments myself.
This was the artist:

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