Points the App for people that like to remember places

I’ve been working on a private project called Points. It’s an app that help you remember and organise places that matter to you. Contrary to for example TripAdvisor, this app focuses on private persons rather than the crowd to inform you. First it is about you and your places, and secondly you want to be recommended by people you know, and by people that know you.

I had this need already since years, and had the idea to build and app for it. However, like with many ideas, for whatever excuses, they often are just that; ideas. It took a long time before I took the first step to actually bring it to life. Several reasons put me to that point. One was that I have been making apps for corporations (as product owner/ product manager) for many years and I now finally wanted to make something for myself. A project where I can make my own decisions (and mistakes). A project where I can do exactly as I want. A second reason is that I can use this project as a learning vehicle. I can test theories, and play with tools that otherwise are left untouched. In this blog I will discuss some of the experiments and some of the tools I use for the sake of sharing. Another reason, I won’t lie, is that maybe, just maybe, the product becomes a big success and with the funds I can work on more of my ideas. Currently I have financed everything myself, and for corporate amounts it might be a silly amount but when it comes out of your own pocket every thousand dollar is a lot. It forces you – which is a good thing – to be very critical in decisions you take in terms of feature development, and you have to become very resourceful. You have to trim your product of all fat, slash off parts wherever you can. Saying NO when it comes to product strategy is twice as important now, because mistakes are very expensive. Now the MVP is in the app store. I must admit, it is not yet optimal, and I’m not sure if I made all the right decisions. But this doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it is out there now, and I learn from people using the app.

As you can see, the last post I did on this blog was in 2013. However, now I think I have something fun to share again. Getting some insights in the path of new product on its way to great successes 😀

Here is the website, www.pointstheapp.com

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