Extreme rare books for sale

It’s always nice to have special- and rare editions of things. Especially when those things had impact on all of us. With some books that is definitely the case. Well, At The Jones Brothers you can find supreme rare versions of those books. First and signed editions of The Great Gatsby for example. Or copies of the BOND books.

Secure your copies to fill a book shelf and be ready to impress (and leave the cheesy versions for the e-reader). They will look great next to your vinyl collection.

Or, if you want to do your own digging, have a look on Ebay & Co. For example, I did some searching regarding the first edition (first print, first issue) of The Great Gatsby and there are some versions available. I believe the originals go for about USD 3,000 and up depending on the condition. All without the original dust jacket. Those alone go for a whooping USD 150,000 and up on auctions.

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