Famous in this case isn’t that flattering….

Don’t get me wrong here, about 1,5 years ago I am completely converted to Apple-everything and I love my Mac-stuff but more and more, I catch myself staring at this beach ball lately. Often moments before I start hitting cmd-tap and force close-downs while studing the effect on my activity monitor. Things I used to do quite often when working on my Windows machines, but not on my Apple….

But it has to be me because as far as I know, Apple just works right? Well, compared to Windows it does, but in reality it still has its flaws. Everyone that works on a Mac is well acquainted with the Beach Ball of Death. Even people using it only for – lets say – Facebook need to buy a new Air every two years.

Anyway, at least its a nice loader image and it has a reference to the old Apple logo. So here is my little tribute to the ball. Still, I would rather not see it that often.

Maybe it’s Apples way of telling me that I need to upgrade my hardware to the new MacBook which – by the way – I like very much.

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